TONY MULDER, Clarence Councillor
Minister Sturgess’ claim that the Flagstaff link has “no TRANSPORT benefits” (Merc 19/8) is a subtle shift from his previous position of “no TRAFFIC benefits”. This missing link will reduce commuter ‘traffic’ on the Begonia St – Malunna Rd ‘rat run’ – a DIER acknowledged ‘black spot’. Heavy freight ‘transport’ uses an ‘outer’ eastern freight corridor where the proposed western Richmond Bypass will facilitate connection to the Brighton transport hub. Even so, the Flagstaff link would produce light freight transport benefits by connecting the airport and Cambridge Park to Glenorchy industrial areas via the underutilised Bowen Bridge. The Flagstaff link has traffic, road safety and transport benefits! At $5.3M it is just the sort of project that should be made ‘shovel ready’ for the next round of infrastructure or economic stimulus spending!