L. James of Ledgerwood claims all Gunns and forestry burns are done in the Autumn over about a six week period (Examiner August 13). This of course is totally incorrect and tells me what you don’t know you make up! Even the forest industries acknowledge they burn for about six months of the year.

Burns started in early March this year and there was still one going on August 15. Five months is a very long six weeks in anyone’s language.

I don’t even have to turn to any Spring burns to prove the point.

It is wrong for Tasmanian’s to be inhaling forestry’s residue for any amount of time.

L. James, Gunns and forestry must take the blame for all their smoke that makes people ill. Do you know what this smoke is doing long term to you, your family, your friends?

If a cigarette smoker, backyard burner, or domestic wood heater owner blew smoke into people’s faces they would be fined. Why then are forestry treated any differently? Michelle O’Byrne MP and our Environment Protection Authority (EPA) need to start going after the big fish instead of, I believe, protecting them.

Clive M. Stott