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Non ferrum metal powder has more than twenty business locations around the globe – from France to Bahrain and from Delaware to Tasmania

ECKA Granulates is insolvent

Last week both the ECKA Granules Velden GmbH as well as the parent company ECKA Granules GmbH & Co. KG had to file for bankruptcy.

OEM For both [Businesses] the district court ordered the Rechtsannwalt Fürth Dr. Siegfried Beck to insolvency.

The Ecka Granules GmbH & Co KG – headquartered in Fürth – employs approximately 800 employees worldwide (including approximately 500 in Germany alone).
For the 89 employees in Velden (ECKA Granules Velden GmbH), the present work, however, continues.
We have contracts, which must /will now be processed, as stated in a report from the Hersbruck newspaper.

The granules produced in Velden be more than 80% in the auto electronic uses. This sector was, however, was seriously affected
by the general economic crisis (however, since the spring, there is a growing number of orders from the auto industry, again).
The price fluctuations on the world market for metals would also have led on the liquidity shortages, the report continued.

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ECKA granules Pleite (bankruptcy) -casts dark shadow over Austria-daughters

The insolvency of the group ECKA Fürther granules also relates to the Austria-daughters non ferrum metal powder,
Alulight International Mepura and metal powders, as well as domestic banks.
St. Georgen / Ranshofen.
The insolvency of the international metal powder granules ECKA Group GmbH & Co.KG (860 employees, turnover € 800 million), headquartered in Fürth German casts dark shadow over Austria.

Because: The German firms to Gert and Christa Rohrseitz according to the Nürnberger Nachrichten eight years ago from the works of Eckart emerged, is the parent company of non ferrum metal powder GmbH & Co KG, based in St. Georgen near Salzburg, the Austria GmbH ECKA granules in Kitzbuhel and Mepura MetallpulvergmbH and Alulight International GmbH in Ranshofen.

Group in Austria
According Fürther messages, the parent company with the crisis of the automotive industry, with sales declines, and with banks to struggle.
ECKA chief Gert Rohrseitz, who is also Honorary Consul of Austria, the company also here in the management of non ferrum and Mepura.
Non ferrum metal powder has more than twenty business locations around the globe – from France to Bahrain and from Delaware to Tasmania. According to the information in the last financial statements filed Firmenbuchgericht 2007 (part of the consolidated accounts) continued non ferrum with 409 employees, approximately 719 million €, which liabilities are valued € 150.18 million, the bank debt with a € 80.18 million.

Powders and granulates
On St. Georgen near Salzburg after Firmenangaben especially powders, chips and granules from non-ferrous metals, mainly aluminum, magnesium, but also of copper, tin, zinc and lead production. At the same time, one of the most modern ¬ magnesium recycling plant operated with “returns from the automotive and die industry is fed.

Location Ranshofen
The metal powder Mepura society has, according to Companies in fiscal 2007 with approximately 50 employees, approximately 48.86 million € implemented, including more than 95 percent of exports. The EBT amounted to € 1.06 million and a profit carried forward from previous years resulted in a net profit of nine million €.
“The Mepura liable as debtor for credit in the amount of € 16.54 million,” says the Annual Report.
“These liabilities relate only to affiliates.” No wonder that the Austrian banking circles in the problems of Fürther group and possible impact on Austrian companies are subject for weeks.

The credit
According to the 2007 results of Fürth ECKA Granules GmbH & Co.KG has in this fiscal year for the parent company and several subsidiaries under credit agreements with Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank and the Sparkasse Nuremberg, but also with the Raiffeisen Landesbank OÖ (15 million €) , Bank Austria (8.3 million €) and the Upper Bank (7.5 million €) agreed.

Summit Bank with insolvency
For the Thursday or Friday is planning administrator Siegfried Beck, as he confirmed the WirtschaftsBlatt, a banking summit.
Beck was, among other insolvency of the German company Grundig.


Dawn raids in January 2007- now €61 million fine on calcium carbide and magnesium cartel

Commission imposes €61 million fine on calcium carbide and magnesium cartel
In January 2007 the European Commission (“Commission”) carried out dawn raids on the premises of a number of calcium carbide and magnesium based chemical reagent producers. The raids were prompted by a leniency application from Azko Nobel under the Commission’s 2002 Leniency Notice. Calcium carbide powder and magnesium granulates are the base ingredients for a number of products used in the steel production process with sales of the products within the EEA estimated at some €175 million.
The dawn raid led to evidence of three separate cartel arrangements which involved market sharing and allocation of customers in the calcium carbide powder market, coordinated behaviour and exchange of anticompetitive information in the calcium carbide granulate market and collusion in the supply of magnesium granules, which may form a substitute for calcium carbide powder. These cartels involved closely coordinated multilateral meetings across the EEA and appeared highly organised and specific.
The Commission imposed a total fine of €61 million on nine companies: Almamet, Donau Chemie, Ecka Granulate, Holding Slovenske Elektrarne (for its former subsidiary TDR Metalurgija), Novácke chemické závody and its former parent 1.garantovaná, SKW Stahl-Metallurgie and its former parent companies Evonik Degussa and ARQUES industries.
Akzo Nobel and Evonik Degussa’s fines were increased by 100% and 50% respectively to take account of previous fines for breaches of Article 81 EC – in line with the Commission’s strict policy on recidivism, which is viewed as a very serious aggravating factor (Akzo Nobel has been found to have been involved in four prior cartels). Akzo Nobel however received full immunity from any fines in light of its leniency application. The most significant individual fine was the €35 million imposed on Donau Chemie.

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