James Dryburgh

I RECENTLY took my girlfriend on a road trip to the west coast. We went down the Western Explorer road managing to focus on the beauty and not the logging.

We then went to Strahan and had an appalling and over-priced meal at a restaurant we later found out was Federal Group owned. We went back to our room and discovered the four restaurant brochures in our hotel room are all Federal owned. So the next day when we did the non-Federal Group cruise, which was brilliant, we asked where there was a restaurant that wasn’t Federal Group. Apparently there are only two now. It seems the town will soon be Federal owned.

Then we went to Queenstown as I had been crapping on about the Empire Hotel, a great old pub, that’s still an authentic old pub, and no pokies! But to my horror as we pulled up, there was that fucking Oasis sign. The sign that was already on the other two pubs.