How fascinating was it to listen to Paula Wriedt, Tasmania’s new Minister for Classrooms and Ballrooms, on ABC today (Wednesday).

She revealed on ABC Talkback how self-sacrificial she had been in taking on tourism in addition to education. No extra salary, just extra work.

And – after the boring predictable spruik about how sensational Tasmania’s tourism industry is (god, when will they stop spinning and over-selling; that’s what got the silly buggers into such trouble over Spirit III) because of that workload, no time to enjoy the East Coast retreat established for the family* to escape to.

And no time yet to travel on the Swimming White Elephant outa Sydney.

Oh, spare us … where were the violins?

Labor has brought the consequences of the brutal LibLabor bid to sideline the Greens down upon its own head. Mind you that’s the way faction-riddled Labor and control-freak Paul want it.

In this smallest of parliaments there is a tiny backbench and a desert of talent. But there are enormous resources spent on advisers – mainly ex-magpie-journos and favoured Labor hacks – which cancel out any claimed savings on MPs: Crawford on advisersBob Cheek: the understory

Hag herewith becomes the Oracle. She will predict the outcome of the next state election.

It will be a Hung Parliament, the Greens picking up sufficient seats to tip out dismal Paul and his under-talented lieutenants.

But there will be no Labor-Green Accord. There will be no Liberal-Green Accord. There will be no Minority Government supported by the Greens.

But there will be the Government of State Unity.

Yes the Liberal-Labor Accord ….

*And everyone’s entitled to a private life, aren’t they Paula? The Justice Game