Telstra is front and centre
In an orange jump-suit,
(it’s always an orange jump-suit).

To the sides and behind are the true believers,
Heads up as the last rites are intoned
From the Holy Prospectus
(in a language foreign to me).

The faithful shuffle restlessly as they wait,
Tormented by the Corporate Tapeworm,
While fingering their Senate trigger.

At last it’s done and Telstra’s head comes off
In one great flourish.
The knife was sharp and well prepared for years.
The torso slumps so slowly, but inevitably.

The Leader flourishes the head aloft.
His tapeworms will dine well tonight.

And just to reinforce who is the boss
Intone with Him, Australia’s unofficial anthem,
“Resistance is useless”
“Resistance is useless”

You bastards!



Money has no existence
Apart from useful energy.

Oil is a Black Dog
And money just the tail.

The fleas live on the tail
Because that is where the money is.

The only thing those fleas will ever see
Is that dog’s backside
As it goes forever away.



Money is the best way there is
To put the greatest distance
Between our actions
And their consequences

Said the man with red hair
As he wiped his arse
With a forest
(bleached of course
and two ply)

Chris Shaw, Feral Metallurgist