Ken Bacon’s performance at the Government Business Enterprise hearings has given new depth to the ongoing allegation that he’s been asleep at the Tourism wheel.
Since being caught out dozing in parliament last year the pressure’s really been on our gaffe-prone Tourism Minister to perform, especially given the difficulties faced by TT Line.

And he’s not been very impressive, has he?

His comments about his recent two-week trip to Europe were bizarre to say the least, while yesterday’s revelation that he hadn’t even read the Treasury report into Spirit III before attending GBE hearings should spell the end of his stint as Tourism Minister.

Word on 7ZR talkback is that David Bartlett will be the new minister within weeks.

The lack of talent in the parliamentary ALP means there really is no-one else to take up the Tourism reigns, er, except Brenton Best or Graeme Sturgess. But promoting those with lesser skills led the Tasmanian Government to the current situation, so Bartlett will be the new man … and soon.

At least his background in IT is a little less inappropriate than Bacon’s career in the forestry, mining and transport sectors.

Unfortunately, performances such as Bacon’s give rise to the perception that the current parliamentary ALP were selected on the basis of their loyalty, rather than their talent. I think Minister Bacon would be the first to admit that sometimes loyalty just isn’t enough.

Jason Lovell is an acerbic social and political commentator on