My good friend Bacchus No-Smoke tells me that Janet Holmes a Court flew into Hobart yesterday (Saturday 12th) and is staying at the Henry Jones Art Hotel on the Hobart waterfront …

And he says that Premier Paul Lennon is poised to announce that Janet has agreed to be chairman of the new Sullivans Cove Waterfront Authority.

You will recall that Bacchus recently told me, Sullivans Cove: A dream run? that buddies in the bureaucracy were worried about the Government’s tardiness in setting up the authority, which must come into effect by February 28, because, thereafter, development applications must be dealt with within 42 days of being lodged, or they are deemed approved.

And there has been speculation in the media that Janet had been approached to take on the role.

Bacchus says Jim Bacon made an error of judgement in bringing in Richard Butler as governor – on Gough’s advice, who, after all, chose Sir John Kerr as governor general and we all know what happened there.

Bacchus says Paul has made a far wiser choice in Janet, who he, Bacchus, knows well.