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  1. The whole idea of burning wood to create power is ridiculous. The arguments of cleaning up forest waste just don’t hold water.

    First Forestry Tas use the argument that they have to supply 300,000 cubic metres of sawlog under the RFA each year. Great, but we cut down about 8 million tons to get that and burn almost as much as waste. Some of the wood we burn such as Silver Wattle is worth up to $3.500 per cubic metre when sawn and dried. Not really waste when you consider that dried eucalypt brings about $1500 per cube.

    Gunns are paying farmers $13 per tonne for chip logs and $35 for sawlogs, tidy little profit eh.

    The main problem is that we only need to cut down 300,000 cubic metres per year to satisfy the RFA. Of course there will be some limbs and butts to clean up but not enough to warrant a power station.

    TO get the 300,000 tons we only need to cut down 697 logs per day for 5 days a week. That is based on the logs being 600mm diameter and 6 metres long. Hardly a big ask. So we need 100 loggers to cut down 7 trees per day for 5 days a week to meet the RFA. That is 42 truck loads per day.

    The other argument of cleaning up forest waste falls apart with a little thought. First only fairly straight logs fit on log trucks. So do Forestry Tas plan to build giant mobile chippers and chip all the waste before taking it to the power station or just use the current transport systems.

    All in all just a little thought and it all falls apart.

    Posted by Pete Godfrey  on  14/07/06  at  10:13 PM





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