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  1. Guilliatt’s profile of the premier also captures the intelligence, honesty, sincerity and idealism that define both his government and the forestry industry generally.

    It is vital that all Tasmanian voters are fully aware of this treasure before the next election.

    John Hayward

    Posted by lhayward  on  03/04/05  at  06:11 AM
  2. An enjoyable read. The mention of corruption reminded me of a long standing question on my mind. It relates to the $110,000 bribe offered to Jim Cox.

    Most assume from various media reports Edmund Rouse (etc) knew bits and pieces of the story. However, having a generally logical and rational mind, I have always wondered, “Why $110,000?”

    Logically, a politican would be tempted by a number, for example, $100,000 or $200,000 or $1 million. A reason for $110,000 would be a new car or someone’s outstanding debt.

    Another reason would be that someone started the ball rolling with $50,000 in the kitty. Others could then contribute lots of $10,000 or $20,000 resulting in $110,000. Who could these others possibly be?

    We know Edmund was there. What other vested interests in Tasmania would have been capable of donating to the cause? I could suggest a union of contributors but it is best if I keep my thoughts NFP (Not For Publication).

    Posted by Mark  on  03/04/05  at  08:08 AM
  3. Rough Red

    It took a Tragedy to turn Paul Lennon into a state premier. But it will take a miracle to turn him into a charming one. Richard Guilliatt approaches (with care) the famously belligerent Tasmanian leader. Paul Lennon looks like a brickie’s labourer stuffed into an expensive business suit: his barrel-shaped girth betrays a lifetime of beer-drinking, his jowls spill over his shirt collar, and his bristling ginger moustache and thunderously red complexion make him look perpetually on the brink of either rage or heart attack. So it’s easy to imagine how startled Alistair Graham was, back in 1989, when the future premier of Tasmanian grabbed him by the shirt front and shoved him up against an office wall during a meeting in Hobart. ...... It was shortly after this that Alistair Graham, Peg Putt¹s partner, had his close-up encounter with Lennon during a meeting of the Forests and Forest Industry Council in Hobart. (For his part, Lennon says he cannot recall the incident.) ...... Aren’t Tasmanians, I ask, entitled to be wary, given that there’s a history of corruption involving politicians and the forestry issue?
    “Corruption where? Lennon shoots back.
    Well, you had a Royal Commission here 10 or 12 years ago.
    “What’s that got to do with forestry?” he challenges.
    Well, Edmund Rouse was the chairman of Gunns.
    “Chairman of Gunns?” Lennon¹s eyes narrow. “Are you sure?”..........
    (Reproduced from The Age Good Weekend Magazine of 12 March 2005)

    MORE ....

    Posted by editor  on  03/04/05  at  04:58 PM
  4. When you posted the picture and the comment Paul Lennon made about ‘Tasmanian Times’ ‘f’en useless’...

    I found this typical of his sort of politican, crass/uneducated .. he would know the type of paper this is, ordinary people posting their comments.

    The derision, the insult, the disrespect .. was not just for the paper, but for us, the posters, the readers. The public.
    And it is this type of disrespect, that causes us also to disrespect in return.

    ‘people do underestimate his intellect’.
    of course we do ... how can we not??

    There has certainly been no cause, to over-estimate it.


    Posted by Pat Hess  on  04/04/05  at  03:30 AM
  5. While this incident with sweet, innocent, charming, Alistair Graham and big bad bruising bustling bursting Paul may or may not have taken place, one that certainly did involved that jockey-sized political journo from The Mockery whose name escapes me and, ummm, Michael Lynch, I think his name was, a person of the Dark Green persuasion.

    Does anyone remember the story in detail because it does require telling in full at this time if only because it shows violence, or a tendency to violence, is shared equally among the tree-huggers and the tree-fellers?

    Aaaah balanced reporting, and we all thought such a thing couldn’t exist any more. Mr Tuffin is bringing much that is good to the written word in Tasmania!  He is the written equivalent of Louise Saunders on the ABC.

    And if anyone comes up with a better line about Paul Lennon than Richard Flanagan’s description of him as a burst sav, then such a person will surely win the Pulitzer Prize.  We are indeed blessed to have this man writing about Tasmania and Tasmanians in his fearless way.

    Posted by Nudger Jones  on  06/04/05  at  06:00 AM
  6. Hey Nudger, that ‘jockey-sized political journo’ was none other than former The Mercury political reporter, Michael Lester, me thinks.

    Was he on the Government pay-roll then…I can’t remember?

    But Michael did eventually become Chief-of-Staff to the late Priemier, Jim Bacon and I think stayed on until Rod Scott, former Editor-in-Chief of The Examiner in Launceston took over as Premier Big Red’s Chief-of-Staff.

    Ah….as Bruce Montgomery points out in a Tasmanian Times Comment to this website’s AFD joke, it’s all about, “supping and subbing with the devil’.

    So true, Brucey.

    Posted by Damien Reid  on  06/04/05  at  10:06 PM
  7. My distant recollection of the matter Nudger (please anyone, correct me if I am wrong), was that Michael Lynch immediately resigned whatever position he was holding at the time in consequence of his action. I guess that’s the difference Nudger, between a gentleman and an unrepentant thug.

    Posted by Gordon Craven  on  07/04/05  at  02:06 AM
  8. Thanks Damo,  yep Michael Lester. That’s him. I think he was still writing for The Mock at the time and wrote something to upset the Greens, which at that time could have been simply his by-line!!!!

    I recall the other pint-sized Michael of the time, the field-mouse disguised as a premier who by now was green in the gills because of the Accord, might have been encouraging Lester to take a certain view.

    It was all good fun for we Murray Street-ites watching from our lofty perches.  Praise be to permanent appointments.  As our superannuation accrues, we become enduring watchers of the passing parade.  Yes Minister, no Minister, oh goodbye Minister.  Aaaah the stories we could tell, and perhaps can now on this recent addition to the Tasmania media.

    And hey, Mr Tuffin, how’s that wild turkey shoot of mine going?

    Posted by Nudger  on  07/04/05  at  02:16 AM
  9. Nothing has changed it only more widespread,deeper, and more blatant.
    Perhaps Richard Guilliatt could update his post?

    Posted by love this valley  on  23/04/08  at  09:30 AM
  10. So why is this tolerated.

    Why is it that one pig ugly little man of little emotional intelligence, no wit and less social and cultural development - a man who is the antithesis of leadership and statesmanship - why is it that he gets away with it.

    People of Tasmania - at voting time - you should follow his lead - and that is to - (through your votes) pick him up by the shirt and push him against the wall.

    After all - we would only be following the little example he has set us. A large part of healthy leadership is to create positive behavioural change. So - Pauly youve shown us a lot.

    Although you cant recall the issue (the push against the wall) lets look forward…when you are voted out - on the special day - you wont forget that.

    For on that most memorable day, there will be a cavalcade to the airport for you.

    And a band, and a whole lot of flowers scattered on the tarmac.

    And we will all wave bye bye and get on with the task of cleaning up the mess youve made.

    PR firms can bend and reshape truth - but they cant manufacture silk from a sows ear.

    Posted by Richard Butler  on  23/04/08  at  03:34 PM
  11. Alistair Graham, Peg Putt¹s partner, had his close-up encounter with Lennon during a meeting of the Forests and Forest Industry Council in Hobart. (For his part, Lennon says he cannot recall the incident.) ......

    Either dementure has well set in or Lennon is so used to “close up” encounters that they all just merge…..
    Either way it must be time to go home??

    Posted by Dave Groves  on  23/04/08  at  03:36 PM
  12. This Red hasn’t aged particularly well, but it seems the only cask in the Parliamentary cellars.

    It was good to read this story again, as it apparently remains the definitive biography of the most influential leader, in environmental and aesthetic terms, that Tas has ever had.

    He could cap off a dazzling career by appointing one of his race horses as consul, before completing the state’s anschluss into Gunns Ltd.

    John Hayward

    Posted by john Hayward  on  23/04/08  at  03:58 PM
  13. “Why is it that one pig ugly little man of little emotional intelligence, no wit and less social and cultural development - a man who is the antithesis of leadership and statesmanship - why is it that he gets away with it.Posted by Richard Butler”
    Because a large proportion of native born Tasmanians admire thuggish behavior and always have?

    Posted by Dismord  on  24/04/08  at  09:59 AM
  14. (2)
        Mark !  i’m pretty sure the bribe offered to Cox by Rouse was only $ 10,000 .


    Posted by don davey  on  24/04/08  at  04:32 PM
  15. The hold of Lennon on the support of the public has, according to polling, slipped.

    Either that is the result of his opponents activities or a creation of his own.

    A bully driven by hate he won’t go easily and his friends in the destroy Tasmania community will support him in 2010 regardless of stench.

    This entrenched divide will not be easy to conquer as the usual suspects trot out the usual fears and phobias to paint the Greens yellow, red and black.

    The other party, the Liberals, that has support but failed to hold onto the leader [Cheek], who knew that to take power a different party policy needed to be offered, has the opportunity to put itself there.

    Hodgman snr. may believe that constant criticism will work in eroding Labor on the belief that governments loose elections.

    However, whilst Labor may stink it has not dramatically failed its core team supporters whilst the Liberals continue to offer a melange of Labor development policy [more with less forest left] with an economic rationalist tinge and it hasn’t cut it with those who support the Green team at the grand final.

    2 years to make the party appealing Will, you can’t just wait till Labor falls in a hole because it won’t.

    If Lennon terminates for whatever reason you will still face the machine and it may appear renewed under Bartlett.

    Posted by phill Parsons  on  26/04/08  at  07:15 AM
  16. Phil Parsons touches on something that is extremely relevant.
    The Libs have a real chance here, if they recognise the opportunity.
    A tough stand on corruption with an ICAC a distinct policy that is recognisably different from Labor’s and a willingness to work in minority government with the Greens.

    For those that are terrified of the last part of that sentence, ask yourselves what the mantra was from both Liberal and Labor at the last State election.
    The furphy was that a MAJORITY GOVT IS A STABLE GOVT., and hasn’t it gone well so far?

    Labor has the opportunity to retain power at the next elections also. Lennon becomes the sacrificial goat that all the ALP woes can be blamed on.
    A ‘cleanskin’ like Bartlett then assumes leadership. A new broom to clean out Labor and a fresh ‘caring’ image.

    Posted by Tony Saddington  on  26/04/08  at  11:31 AM
  17. Hi Dave

    The $10K was the amount found in a sock in a fridge (or thereabouts) and a former premier had troubles with the memory cell containing any further information.

    Posted by Mark  on  27/04/08  at  08:28 AM
  18. I cannot believe nudger equates tuffin contribution to the written word to louise saunders. She is without doubt the most excruciating and tired announcer the local auntie has.

    Posted by Lumpy  on  27/04/08  at  04:42 PM





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