Image for New Organic Waste Collection Service Launched!

Hobart residents will soon be able to recycle all their organic kitchen and garden waste into compost through a convenient new collection service.

Hobart company, Eenee Designs will soon begin Tasmania’s first household organic waste collection. It is hoped that thousands of tons of organic waste that currently goes to landfill can be collected, commercially composted and returned to farms and gardens. 

Managing Director, Sue Allison-Rogers, said that over 30% of household waste going to landfill is organic and should be separated and turned into valuable compost.

She hopes that providing this new opt-in service will attract householders who currently are not able to compost but want to do the right thing and recycle their organic waste.  The service is also able to process organics which are not suitable for home composting e.g. meat, bones and dairy.

The company will provide a specially designed 240L wheelie bin and kitchen tidies with compostable liners. The final bagged compost will be available locally from selected outlets.

Hobart Alderman Bill Harvey is supportive of the new service and has signed up to be the first customer. He said this is a fantastic initiative, which will divert a significant proportion of the 50,000 tons of waste per year that is buried at McRobies Gully landfill site. The tip is nearly full so we need to look at alternatives and support innovative business ideas. Turning waste into valuable products is essential in managing our waste into the future.

Eenee Designs is famous for introducing compostable nappies and is committed to environmental sustainability.