Image for Integrity Commission should investigate LibLab conspiracy

Admission by former Labor Minister, David Llewellyn, that the Labor and Liberal Parties conspired to “reduce the size of Parliament on the basis that it would take more percentage for minor parties to actually win a seat”, should be immediately referred to the State’s Integrity Commission.  If the Premier is serious in her claims that she wants to soldier on, it is she who should instigate the enquiry.

The public has lost confidence in our Parliament, not just the government of the day.  The root of the problem is that the majority no longer trust any of the assurances given by political leaders.  Is it any wonder?  For 15 years, we have been peddled the unsupportable lie from Premiers and Ministers that there was no political motivation in reducing the size of Parliament. 

Political integrity in Tasmania has been trashed.  To what end?  To defend failed forest policies?  To protect the interests of preferred players?  To prevent uncomfortable truths being aired in the Parliament?

Downsizing the Parliament was not an illegal act.  But the sneaking cowardice of the players responsible is the root of our current political dilemmas.  Premier Giddings must act.  Restore the Parliament.  Direct the Integrity Commissioner to investigate.