September, 2012
PETUNA’S Ocean Trout, the ‘Wagyu of the Sea’

With vibrant colour, luscious marbling, fine flavour and succulent texture
the Petuna Ocean Trout continues to shine and win awards for excellence.

The Petuna Ocean Trout is a delightful product that has been used in
Tetsuya Wakadu’s signature dish for over a decade.

Leading seafood company Petuna, by Peter & Una Rockliff, has been proudly delivering great quality seafood from Tasmania since 1949.

They have been awarded the Gold medal and overall Champion Fresh Fish medal for excellence of their fine Ocean Trout in the Aquaculture competition at the prestigious 2012 Sydney Fine Food Show.

The Gold and Champion medal are the second in a row for the Tasmanian-based seafood supplier, underpinning the beautiful quality and taste of its Ocean Trout, preferred by leading chefs across the globe.

The awards reflect the dedication over many years that Peter & Una Rockliff and their team have spent to deliver an artisan product which continues to shine.

“We are very proud to receive this award at such an influential event, comments Paul Hitchcock, CEO of Petuna. “The family and team in Tasmania love what they do and they have been delivering great quality product to the marketplace since 1949. This national award recognises all the hard work and continues to place us as one of the world’s finest Ocean Trout suppliers.”

Petuna Ocean Trout comes from the remote south-west coast of Tasmania, where the cool wilderness waters of the Franklin-Gordon Rivers collide with the salt water of the great Southern Ocean.

Recognised as a premium gourmet food product for its vibrant colour, distinct luscious marbling and creamy succulent texture, Petuna’s fine Ocean Trout has shone for many years with Tetsuya Wakadu as part of his signature dish – confit of Petuna Ocean Trout served with konbu, celery and apple.

Petuna Ocean Trout, available fresh and smoked, is stocked in leading seafood wholesalers and retailers.

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