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  1. IT just shows you how far these TROGLADYTES of industry are doing to our earth,lets hope thier species die out soon.water is fast becoming scarce in tazzie yet the trogs want to give it away to a dodgy pulp mill while every one else will be is time to put a stop to this by any means .have a nice day,crud.

    Posted by crud  on  04/12/06  at  09:57 AM
  2. Place an overlay of a Devil Facial Tumour Disease occurance map on top of the FT Clearfell Operation map. DOH!!

    Posted by andrew  on  04/12/06  at  11:22 AM
  3. You might also like to take a look at my attempt from May 2006 using Google maps.  It has the benefit of not needing to download anything.  I didn’t have time to convert all the coordinates statewide from their website, and concentrated on the Tarkine region.  While this area has again taken a low profile in the media after the CFA, its still being eaten away at.

    Posted by Ben C  on  04/12/06  at  12:50 PM
  4. If you take a satellite image of Tasmania and mark a series of forestry operations using dots about the size of Hobart (by scale with the image), it sort of distorts the reality somewhat, doesn’t it.  If those dots were to scale, the perspective would be much different and perhaps not worthy of publishing.

    Posted by Geoff Rollins  on  05/12/06  at  05:45 AM
  5. I have added this article and Ben’s site to the “News Watch” page of Where Light Meets Dark (, under “Local action for conservation”.

    Consider contacting GetUp! ( and asking them to petition for stronger political pressure to conserve Tasmania’s old growth forests.

    Posted by Chris  on  05/12/06  at  07:05 AM
  6. Dear Geoff Rollins you are a bigger dill than my Henry. If you had bothered to use Google Earth you would find that as you zoom in and out the placemarkers stay the same size. I found the outlines of the logging areas to be very accurate, have a look at your favourite bit of tassie.

    Posted by Minnie Bannister  on  05/12/06  at  01:04 PM
  7. This kind of flawed methodology is cringe-worthy. I say, make those dots bigger!!

    Posted by Tomas  on  05/12/06  at  01:38 PM
  8. I recently returned from a trip to Queensland, with the flight travelling down the East Coast.

    The devastation is obvious.  “Don’t worry” say the spin doctors from Timber Communities and Forestry Tas. We will replant and it will grow back.  Trouble is that is takes 300-400 years to replace what was clearfelled in a few weeks.

    You might grow a crop of trees in 20-25 years, but despite the spin a crop of trees is not a forest.  No birds, no insects, no animals, no undergrowth, no variety, are allowed coexist with a crop.  Just visit the Airwalk to see what I mean.  The only diversity there is one sad old huon pine.

    Posted by Steve Webber  on  05/12/06  at  02:10 PM
  9. Geoff Rollins,

    The purpose of the overlays for Google Earth are for them to be used in Google Earth. This can be done by clicking on the weblinks at:

    I highly recommend that people take the time to view the logging planned, for one year, for themselves.

    Paul Oosting

    Posted by Paul Oosting  on  05/12/06  at  03:16 PM





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