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recommended Australia Day reading:
Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe
‘How To Bee’ – Demand film, bookings essential
Wed 12 Feb Hobart, Thu 13 Feb Invermay
Heatwave coming back to Tas
elevated fire risk Thu & Fri
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Bream Creek Farmers Market & sustainability workshops
Sun 2 Feb 9-1, more information
Become a contributor to Tasmanian Times,
the island’s best independent digital media site.
One-off chamber music concert with visiting stars.
Hobart Town Hall, Thursday 6 February 6pm
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new packages, great rates
Paddle for Pedder – info
Sat 29 Feb – Sun 1 Mar
They Said It
this week’s media release summary
Poetry is good for the soul, and so is our island!
Read the classic Farewell To Tasmania


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