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concerns for whereabouts Wendy Avery, Mole Creek,
59-year-old red Honda accord, rego FF0275
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display, ticker available
55 y.o. Claremont bikie (Bandidos)
charged with drug trafficking
coward punch‘ law change
now in effect in Tasmania
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Tas borders reopen 24 July
unless health advice changes
Lifeline 13114
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coronavirus hotline 1800 671 738
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Port Arthur & Female Factory
reopen Fri 3 July, 10-4pm
45 y.o. man arrested following
Kings Meadows wounding Wed
Kids Helpline 24/7 counselling & support service, 5 to 25 years or free call 1800 55 1800
COVID-19 Tas remains
at 0 active cases
Hobart Wine Show
moved from Aug to Oct
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