Premier shuts down horse & dog racing,
garage sales, sex work, scallop season
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WHO issues alert on
false coronavirus cures
Neighbourhood houses – check with your local NH
for changes to regular programs & activities
Kids Helpline 24/7 counselling & support service, 5 to 25 years or free call 1800 55 1800
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Hobart’s Botanic Gardens under repair
while closed to general public
TCCI business hotline for
COVID-19 related issues: 1300 559 112
Coronavirus hotline 1800 671 738
Latest WHO situation reports
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Lifeline 13114
available 24/7
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Weekend forecast: wet, cold, windy
All Tas parks & reserves closed
until further notice
Friday update: state total 80, 6 new cases:
5 women & 1 man; 2 S Tas, 1 N Tas, 2 NW Tas
Data for Australian coronavirus cases:
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New fed govt ‘wage subsidy‘ scheme
Jobkeeper launched Monday
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