If you’re a bricks and mortar business, such as retail, hospitality, or niche services, you’ll want as much foot traffic coming through as possible. However, if you think you can “build it and they will come”, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Local promotion is the key to getting more people through the door – or to your website. For example, searches for local places with the phrase “near me” have grown 150% faster than searches without the qualifier.

Local Sponsorship

If you see billboards at sports grounds and logos on local sports or hobby club uniforms, that too could be a platform for promoting your business whether it’s in Burnie, Hobart, or Launceston. Becoming a sponsor of a local junior (or senior) football, cricket, netball, or other sports club is not only a way to be seen by your local community but engage in networking with other businesspeople – you never know who you might meet at a pie night!

Engage With Local Chambers of Commerce

Many local councils and shires have their own Chambers of Commerce or business networks which you can leverage to promote your business. Formal and informal networking may take place during council or shire chamber meetings – and what happens in your local area is of great importance to your business. Taking stances on local issues can also help lift your profile among the greater business community, which is an excellent avenue for accumulating business contacts.

Run Local Paid Online Ads

Do you have your SEO sorted? If so, you should have a landing page that refers to your local area. This landing page can also be part of your pay per click (PPC) campaign. PPC or online ads that target those coveted “near me” searches and funnel those clicks into your landing pages, means you can gain more traffic and traction almost instantly. To make the most of PPC, you should enlist the help of an agency dealing in PPC management Hobart to ensure you get the greatest return on investment.

Use Local Search Engine Optimisation

Local SEO should be your major priority if your company’s primary goal is to promote yourself to locals – or people visiting the area. This will make it much simpler for potential consumers to locate you when they Google a service or product “near me.”

Search engine optimisation refers to how well you’ll perform on a Google results page when someone searches for the product you’re offering. Therefore, if there are several bakeries in your neighbourhood and you own one of them, you want to be the one with the best SEO as it will show up higher in the results. With landing pages that cater to your location, you can gain better results over time.

Partner with Local Influencers

Every local area has its social media influencers. Looking at local hashtags can point you in the right direction. Partnering with them to promote local incentives and discounts is a fantastic approach to advertise your neighbourhood business. Customers are constantly seeking a good bargain, so by offering regional discounts endorsed by someone who’s trusted, you can get their attention right away.