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Dry, Stale & Flakey …

News Local papers do not supply enough fact to justify a change of breakfast cereal, let alone a change of politician or government.

Murdoch’s Local Media ersatz “Democracy Lite” should “Up and Go”.

Non-government candidate forums, candidate profiles, party policies, local issues & events are not being reported in any detail … when at all.

Parties that cannot afford to advertise are excluded from coverage that might generate insight. It becomes an unhealthy cycle.

Judging by prepolls, northern electorates are trapped in the 1960s with nary a fresh idea.

It’s dry, stale and flakey, like most mainstream media material. You give only Gladys a wrap.

Where’s the “Great Start” that “Sustains” democracy: picks you up, but doesn’t weigh us down?

Or shall we say “Cheerio” to relevant Local News altogether?

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  1. John Hawkins

    October 20, 2019 at 10:31 pm

    I sent this to the Mercury and to the Examiner …

    If it was an anti-Green rant it would have been immediately published, but no chance when it concerns their beloved Liberals.

    “I have received a land tax demand from the Tasmanian Government.

    My council rates were $3,353 last year, $3244 the year before and the year before that $3148, for this I receive the services provided by the Hobart City Council.

    The State government charges me Land Tax. This year it is $4387; last year $3787; the year before $3187 an increase of $1200 over 2 years, for absolutely no service at all. The hospitals are buggered, according to Government figures half of the population over 15 are innumerate and illiterate and we are to spend $260 million on rehousing criminals rather than the homeless.

    I am now 77.

    If I was one of the more than 1700 Tasmanians who are homeless, I would commit a minor offence, plead guilty in the hope of receiving a warm bed and three meals a day secure for the rest of my life, a better option than living in a tent or under a bridge.

    On this evidence alone I suggest we are governed by the third rate and brain dead. The useless pollies are the real one-armed bandits deeply embedded in our collapsing democracy.

    What real world qualifications does the average state pollie have to administer a honey pot with a cash flow of billions? Zilch, nothing, none – most of them could not hold down a real job in the village corner shop.

    Further if they serve their mates well a job for life beckons and they get to keep their pension!”

  2. Viri VR

    October 18, 2019 at 4:03 am

    I have been eating cereals for breakfast for a long time. I really like them.

    The opinions of nutritionists about cornflakes are mixed, most likely because too many companies around the world produce different types of breakfast and use different types of additives, or even different principles for making cereal.

    The main cereals used by manufacturers of crisp cereals are corn, wheat, rice and rye. These cereals are very useful and necessary in the diet of children, but only if they have not undergone strong processing and have retained the necessary trace elements.

    • Russell

      October 19, 2019 at 9:46 am

      ALL the cereals that you find in the supermarkets have undergone processing to the point that they are nutritionally void. You would get more from eating the cardboard packaging. Not only has the heat and other processes killed almost all the vitamins, but grains quickly lose all their nutritional value from the moment they are milled. These processed products can sit in storage for years, and that’s why they have added extra vitamins and minerals, sugar, salt and other toxic preservative. But they don’t tell you that most of these additives are indigestible, or bad for you either. Google what all the ingredients are and find out for yourself.

      I recommend you do yourself a favour and buy a grain roller. Buy your own organic whole grain and roll it freshly each day. Add your favourite freshly crushed nuts and dried fruits. It actually works out cheaper too. Do this the day before and soak it overnight in Kefir, or water or milk, to break down the phytic acid. Then you can properly enjoy a real meal full of everything, including taste, that your body requires, as done in the traditional way when people grew, and ate, real food.

      This way you avoid joining the malnourished, obese majority which will pay very dearly with its health and money in future years.

  3. Chris

    March 15, 2019 at 8:56 am

    Does Rupert hack ?

  4. Isla MacGregor

    March 14, 2019 at 5:58 pm

    As Ed of The Mockery Chris Jones said in a recent 2 page spread about the paper “we are a campaigning newspaper’ – yep – Chris Jones’ ‘campaigns’ and nothing else.
    A loud ‘CHEERIO’ from me.

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