News Local papers do not supply enough fact to justify a change of breakfast cereal, let alone a change of politician or government.

Murdoch’s Local Media ersatz “Democracy Lite” should “Up and Go”.

Non-government candidate forums, candidate profiles, party policies, local issues & events are not being reported in any detail … when at all.

Parties that cannot afford to advertise are excluded from coverage that might generate insight. It becomes an unhealthy cycle.

Judging by prepolls, northern electorates are trapped in the 1960s with nary a fresh idea.

It’s dry, stale and flakey, like most mainstream media material. You give only Gladys a wrap.

Where’s the “Great Start” that “Sustains” democracy: picks you up, but doesn’t weigh us down?

Or shall we say “Cheerio” to relevant Local News altogether?