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  1. Chris

    March 2, 2019 at 9:00 am

    Legacy…. Will Pyne immediately join an arms manufacturer or just sell weapons ?
    Come to think of it what has he achieved, will he be ABLE to celebrate with a bottle of red shared with Tony Ashby?
    Legacy… Will Ciobo start a knife sharpening business?

  2. Chris

    March 1, 2019 at 10:26 am

  3. Soimon Warrriner

    March 1, 2019 at 9:37 am

    It is the fate of every party. Dissent is not tolerated and so the best minds are unavailable to a party political organisation. The decline in intellect and ability is exponential, and we are approaching the point where the graph tends to the vertical.

    The best government requires a wide and deep (thanks Leonard) understanding of the people it seeks to represent and serve, Choosing from competing groups whose defining characteristic is that they presume to have that understanding while being comprised of a group with a narrowly defined ideological approach to things is obviously riddled with problems. The image above illustrates the point nicely.

  4. Russell

    March 1, 2019 at 9:00 am

    Hang on, there’s one more muppet less! Julie Bishop has now jumped ship.

    I would have thought she’d been a “lifer” and probably the only person left fit to be a leader of, and maybe change, the pox-ridden Liberal Party. But obviously even SHE thinks that’s impossible and just too depressing a task.

    • William Boeder

      March 2, 2019 at 4:30 pm

      Julie Bishop during her time that had began during the former Howard years had added her own culpability to the Liberal government intrigues and conspiracies to mislead and add further suppression upon the people of Australia sought for and achieved by these former Liberal Senators and ministers, they now bolting and making their escape from the extreme-right Vampire Squid-like influence of these Abetzian types.

      Refreshingly good to see that even some of the most poisonous of the Liberal party tyrannicals are anxiously fleeing from their alliances with dangerous-to-Australia religious cults and human rights degrading organizations.

      These darting and fleeing, soon to be former politicos had comfortably rubbed their shoulders with Australia’s most forbidding enemy individuals [averred to in the above as Vampire Squad] during the Howard years and the Howard created turbulent times in Australia, back when Howard was little other than a false and misleading traitor-like legal snout until he had snapped at his chance to become the Prime Minister of Australia.

      One must never forget that Howard had funded the most extreme anti-the-Australian despicable outfits, mostly referred by Senator Eric Abetz of Tasmania, to boost his appeal, even to those sinister referred to in the above.

      The history of the above claims and allegations are available through the auspices of the internet and will qualify my assertions in this comment.
      How about the history of these that wre forever arging against the Australian people, in their ignoring the slow genocide now still in full swing against the indigenous tribes in Papua/West Papua) conducted by the hands of the Indonesian military, they being assisted by the Australia trained anti-terrorist hit squad, Detachment 88 or Kopassus as they were known in the recent past?

      I recall Howard signing off to the original Lombok Treaty (reaffirmed by Julie Bishop in 2014) this Treaty as good as denying acess to the Australian military forces to advance to the rescue of these people from the persecutions of Indonesia’s military Junta. (They still fiercely hostile and threatening behind the scenes of this of our nearest neighboring country.)

      The indigenous neigbours to our North had been purposefully forgotten by the Howard government, especially to both the aid and urgent reliance upon the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels serving to the benefit of Australia’s troops during WW2….in the battle against the Japanese Forces thoughout the whole of New Guinea.

      The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels after traversing the difficult path back to Australia’s base lines delivering wounded Australian soldiers from the battles high up in the mountains and way down in the lowlands (of the war torn province of Papua) for proper medical care far distant from the forward front line battle, their return trip to the Australian front lines,m these same Angels had portered urgent relief supplies of all kinds, as well as delivering mail to the front line forces.

      It is doubtful that Australia will ever recover from the evils of the John Howard era. I refer further to even more of the above and below known origional undertakings of George W’s best ever cobber, digger, mate, sport, pal, John “Fibber” Howard.

      The wheat for oil scandal.

      Seccurency, note printing currency partnered by Australia’s Reserve Bank…that had created our International bribery currency note printing Scandal.

      Howards refusal to recognize the Indonesian Military attrocities committed against hundres of thousands of East Timorese citizens.

      Howard complicit years of sending Australia’s military to support the evil connivances of the illegal American military invasions per the hodtilr murdwerous bomb strikes and missile strikes that take out a vast number of civilians in the targeted countries, destined to become little other than shattered war-torn yet still resource-rich countries since ripened ready for the USA to plunder.

      The signing of a massive arms deals (that had to include the cheapskate sale by Lockheed Martin of ‘our still in World-wide effective use’ F-18 Super Hornets) as was the desired strategy of Lockheed Martin in America.
      This was back in 2006 during a buddy-buddy visit by our Yank-loving John Winston Howard [the only ever known friend of George W Bush] during that particular visit he was called upon to sign up for Australia’s [Lockheed Martin Power of Suggestion] replacement war-planes …..72 X F-35 strike fighter aircraft, despite their then concept being little more than in a cardboard cutout tricked up with paintwork.

      Then there was the signing off to a Lockheed Martin agreement for an F-35 R &D support package. That agreement was to permit Australia to contribute Australia’s military R &D perspectives and recommendations to the Lockheed Martin weapons manufacturing corporation.
      However, this came with the cost of $300,000,000-00 per annum from Australia’s annual revenues, beginning in 2006, now say we count up from the past 12 years X $300 million dollars, that equals out to $3.6 Billion dollars in payments to Lockheed Martin for sweet Jack Schitt.

      I apologise for this short summary above, as there is a mountain of similar Howard connivances and stealth engagements including Howard’s false flag events, none more so than an event in Tasmania.


  5. William Boeder

    February 28, 2019 at 12:07 pm

    Unfortunately, this is how the today’s Liberal party is actually depicting itself. Not a good look to the people of Australia.

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