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Cardinal George Pell: Vatican treasurer found guilty of child sexual assault

George Pell ...

Third most senior Catholic in the world convicted on five charges by jury in Australian court case …  Five times guilty: how Pell’s past caught up with him
 Dozens of journalists accused of breaking suppression order face possible jail terms

Cardinal George Pell, once the third most powerful man in the Vatican and Australia’s most senior Catholic, has been found guilty of child sexual abuse after a trial in Melbourne.

A jury delivered the unanimous verdict on 11 December in Melbourne’s county court, but the result was subject to a suppression order and could not be reported until now.

A previous trial on the same five charges, which began in August, resulted in a hung jury, leading to a retrial.

He is due to be sentenced next week but may be taken into custody at a plea hearing on Wednesday, having been out on bail since the verdict and recovering from knee surgery.

Pope Francis, who has previously praised Pell for his honesty and response to child sexual abuse, has yet to publicly react, but just two days after the unreported verdict in December the Vatican announced that Pell and two other cardinals had been removed from the pontiff’s council of advisers …




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  1. Lyndall

    March 13, 2019 at 11:00 pm

    For those interested – 13 March 2019, “the County Court of Victoria Chief Judge Peter Kidd has handed down his sentence in the matter of the Director of Public Prosecutions v George Pell”.


    “A video of His Honour’s sentence will be available shortly.”


    I encourage everyone to read or view the Chief Judge’s reasoning for the sentence. I found it most useful for understanding how he arrived at the sentence and all of the factors he took into account on balance and why.

  2. Philip Lowe

    February 26, 2019 at 8:10 pm

    Frank Hardy could never have envisaged this circumstance.Had he ever done so and tried to to include it in ‘Power Without Glory’,the book would have never have been published.

  3. Christopher Eastman-Nagle

    February 26, 2019 at 5:38 pm

    I doubt very much that anyone is going to have any sympathy for George Pell. All the reasons for that are as plain as day and nobody needs to repeat them, other than to share their dismay or unctuous schadenfreude at not just his downfall, but perhaps that of his church, or what is left of it after such an excruciating, dismal and humiliating litany of revelations so hideously damning they would shake the foundations of heaven itself, if such a place existed.

    I can get no satisfaction out of seeing this pustulated corpse rotten remnant of a now almost completely discredited old order get dealt its measure of outraged justice and comeuppance, because his fate does not just toll his crimes and passing, but also the age he lived in and the forces that now drive it as we speak, towards an existential cliff of its own making, of which Pell and his like are but early sacrificial goats.

    Pell and his like are emblematic of our times every bit as much as the men who appeared during the political trials in the Soviet Union during the 1930s. They were all as heinously guilty of the gross excesses they were accused of as Pell. When they pleaded guilty, they were telling the truth. What wasn’t revealed was that they had been conforming regime creatures all along in exactly the same way as Pell. He isn’t just a representative of his Church, but the times he lived in and the corrosive, corrupt and socially eviscerating forces that were and are driving it.

    50 years years of deregulation of the social system and privatization of moral accountability in the pursuit of an overwhelming commitment to indulgence as an economic, social and existential principle has been an irresistible wave of destruction that has has devoured everything it has touched, including the creakingly ancient, decrepit and almost defenceless Catholic Church that just didn’t have a clue how or why the carpet it was standing on kept unaccountably moving…and increasingly erratically.

    The wretched Pope John XX111s Vatican 2 tried to open its portals for some ‘fresh air’ and got a tsunami instead, that just blew the old place to bits, which was when Pell and his mates just happened to be arriving on the scene as young priestly aspirants, as Pope Paul VI put the finishing touches to what in effect was a suicide note. The church didn’t have a prayer against what it was up against and anybody at the time with a modicum of perceptive intelligence would have known that the game was up. They were going through the motions and the rest would be just a matter of time….and now the time is up.

    But the takeaway today is that it isn’t just time up for them. The steady shredding of our social infrastructure has affected the rest of society just as damagingly. We keep setting up royal commissions all over the place to shift attention from the malfeasance that is creeping in from the margins and destabilizing the centre, and blame it all on ‘the bad ol days of colonialism and missionaries, or low level prison or child welfare officers…or a small cabal of financial gangsters and looters

    Ken ‘The Bankser’ Henry, the late lamented, but totally shameless sociopath of a CEO down at the National Bank, was not only completely unaware of even the most basic decencies and that looting his customers was wrong, but had no concept that what he was doing was cannibalizing the financial system that makes modern capitalism possible, only ten years after similar behavior had almost taken the system into an irreversible melt down. There is nothing special about Kenny. He is typical of his generation, only more successful, (sort of).

    Pell is par for the course. His passing should not be making anyone feel better about themselves. On the contrary, It should be a terrifying warning of what is coming at us, right now.

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