For all the men in Tasmania who are not quite grasping what the proposed transgender legislation has to do with them, it is useful to understand how this will affect your identity.

Under this proposed new legislation there will no longer be anything such as just ‘male’ any more. You will be defined as being a ‘cis’ male with ‘cis’ male privilege.

You are now just a mere male with a penis and testicles as opposed to a male with a vagina, uterus, fallopian tubes and mammary glands potentially for childbirth and breastfeeding.

In the new world order defined by intersectional feminists, males can now give birth, chest feed and will no longer be called fathers but ‘parents’.

Men can now menstruate and have pre-menstrual tension.

If you are a gay male and you don’t want to have sex with a male vagina you will be called a transphobe and committer of hate speech if you dare to suggest that men don’t have vaginas.

Welcome to the new language of ‘transgendered’ world of the 21C.

Isla MacGregor  is a women’s  rights advocate