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Men and your new identity in the 21C

For all the men in Tasmania who are not quite grasping what the proposed transgender legislation has to do with them, it is useful to understand how this will affect your identity.

Under this proposed new legislation there will no longer be anything such as just ‘male’ any more. You will be defined as being a ‘cis’ male with ‘cis’ male privilege.

You are now just a mere male with a penis and testicles as opposed to a male with a vagina, uterus, fallopian tubes and mammary glands potentially for childbirth and breastfeeding.

In the new world order defined by intersectional feminists, males can now give birth, chest feed and will no longer be called fathers but ‘parents’.

Men can now menstruate and have pre-menstrual tension.

If you are a gay male and you don’t want to have sex with a male vagina you will be called a transphobe and committer of hate speech if you dare to suggest that men don’t have vaginas.

Welcome to the new language of ‘transgendered’ world of the 21C.

Isla MacGregor  is a women’s  rights advocate

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  1. Ron

    November 26, 2018 at 7:47 pm

    One of the coven trying to incite males to aggression … because its suits her perceived interests. I find it utterly hilarious that one of the three witches of Tasmania, who profess to speak for the majority, are in fact pathetic little fear mongers who, on the one hand hate males, and then court us to fight for their twisted cause. You lot need to go out and get a life. Your ranting is perpetually boring.

    • Russell

      November 27, 2018 at 7:14 am

      Once and for all Ron, prove where anyone here has promoted hating males.

      You need to go home and talk to mummy about where you and every other creature on this planet came from, and learn a little respect.

      If you want to call yourself a boy or a girl or whatever other variety you feel, then that’s up to you, but don’t push your ill-informed or misguided nonsense onto anyone else.

      • Ron

        November 27, 2018 at 9:59 am

        Simple … this little bunch believe anyone with a penis is a threat to females. It’s the undercurrent in all their drivel and they are incapable of accepting that females can be just as despicable as males when it suits them.

        Their agenda here has nothing to do with Transgender issues. It’s about the possibility of a penis being in a supposedly “female only” domain, eg “girl guides”. It’s irrelevant to them that the penis might be attached to someone with a genetic disorder, or for any other legitimate reason.

        They hate males. They want to set up “female only” zones to protect themselves from a threat that they think is inherent in being male. Now, when it suits them, they call on males to come out and “stand up for their rights” on a birth certificate.

        Apart from the FACT this this legal change MIGHT affect a minuscule part of the community, for the better I might add, they can’t see past their misandry. The irony is breathtaking, as is their ignorance and twisted ideology.

        Your comment: “If you want to call yourself a boy or a girl or whatever other variety you feel, then that’s up to you, but don’t push your ill-informed or misguided nonsense onto anyone else”… applies perfectly to this non-representative coven, and their minions.

        As for “finding out where every creature on the planet came from”, ignorant twits like you should do just that! DNA replication is never precise and the entire ecology of this planet is based on averages. Mutations are everywhere, and in every one of us, (oops!). They just express differently in individuals. Understanding that concept would require more intelligence, Russell.

  2. bystander in prevention of violence

    November 26, 2018 at 1:15 pm

    Postscript …

    The facts of life include that:

    Parents can already choose a gender neutral name and a gender neutral upbringing for their child. This has social acceptance with no legislation or government requirement whatsoever.

    In regard to how to record biological sexual identity … remember how the sensible state of New York simply redesigned the birth certificate document as including three options: female, male with the addition of intersex to include babies born intersex if their parents wished to indicate that.

    Prevention of violence can also be enhanced by social inclusion of all, irrespective of gender or sexual orientation.

    Of course concern to prevent violence within intimate partner relationships also extends to those persons within the GLTBI community.

    We do need to keep on with the main agenda of preventing all forms of violence towards women and children.

    Also, we need to heed the cautionary evidence from overseas regarding women’s concerns about the safety of women and girls in spaces that are designed to meet their interests and needs that are based upon the fact of their being born biologically female within a gendered society where women are still far from equal.

    These issues have been raised earlier in TT by Bronwyn Williams and Isla McGregor of Women speak Tasmania. They have the right to express an opinion without being labelled as transphobic.

    Persons who undergo chosen transgender identity shift within an existing marital relationship will be protected from the need to divorce due to reforms in Commonwealth law that can be applied within Tasmania.

    I really do hope that the Tasmanian Legislative Council will wisely decide to refer the matter of transgender legal reform, so called, to the Tasmanian Law Reform Commission for further consideration.

    Also, where are the brakes to protect teenagers and children from the powerful interests of drug companies? Just look at how vulnerable young people were to marketing by big tobacco and also the alcohol industry. All three industries are geared for profit and market certain lifestyles to promote them. We already have some legislative brakes to require the wearing seat belts in cars, banning smoking in cars around children, and banning the sale of tobacco and alcohol to children.

    Young people who are transgender state that, at the least, they wish to gain access to part time employment or a job or entry to a training course with documents to match who they are. Have we looked at all the documentation options clearly?

    What would stop the Tasmanian Legislative Council carefully considering the advice of Women Speak Tasmania to look at a number of options for reform, including further consideration at the level of the Tasmanian Law reform Commission?

  3. bystander in preof violence

    November 26, 2018 at 9:44 am

    As a woman I would like to say how betrayed I feel that somehow a woman’s right to choose in regard to reproductive choice and rights is being conflated with transgenderism, and that the latter quest is also undermining the right of an infant male or female to protection and safety.

    The facts of life are that the sun rises in the morning and the moon rises at night – such events are not controlled or assigned by any one or any university or belief system.

    Has anyone noticed that a lamb’s ears actually stand out sideways? It is to do with biology.

    Like wise, no one “assigns” the biological sex of a baby when he or she (as is the case of the vast majority) is born.
    A baby needs a birth certificate to help protect him or her. Just look at the concerns regarding child protection and the need to protect infants from sexual abuse and trafficking. Waiting up to 120 days for a birth certificate is not protective, neither is giving a parent a “choice” as to naming a baby a girl or a boy is wrong.

    It has nothing to do with gender identity further in social development.

    Infants are not parental or public property for trendy causes. They are entitled to protection.

    The sad reality however, is that thousands of baby girls have been aborted in cultures that exercise discrimination against women and girls .. with demographic consequences.

    I would like to thank the men who stand up for women’s right to equality and safety including the right to women-friendly and safe services specific to women’s needs. All over the world women and girls continue to defend their rights to exist free from harassment or discrimination. Far too many girls still require protection from child marriage which is more correctly called child abuse.

    I have noticed that the vocal men advocates within the GLTBI community are intimidating gay women, and also ignoring the human rights of women and girls in society.

    I am also disappointed that a privileged group of people are betraying the agenda of reducing all forms of violence against women and children.

  4. Christopher Eastman-Nagle

    November 25, 2018 at 4:34 pm

    Isla, this transactivist reconstruction of reality would be automatically regarded as irrational in any society that had not had most of its social infrastructure systematically so badly smashed that there were no boundaries, templates or rules of engagement left. It would be regarded as a Lewis Carol style Alice-in-Wonderland spoof. Nobody would take transgenderism seriously, anymore than they would if someone sincerely thought they were Oscar Wilde.

    There are very occasional genetic mistakes that cause sexual misassignment or ambiguous assignment, but as for the rest, transgenderism is a psychiatric disorder called gender dysphoria. The rest is delusional baloney, bluff, fluff, crib and fudge that we should not indulge or humour because it is dishonest and ultimately disempowering for the sufferer who is living a lie.

  5. Geoff Holloway

    November 25, 2018 at 1:29 pm

    Now I understand where the derogatory term ‘sissy’ came from!

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