TFGA is seeking feedback from members regarding potential TFGA involvement in the following proposed project. Please consider the project brief and answer the questions below with a simple yes or no.

Tasmanian Sustainable Agriculture Recognition Systems

Combined with the growing pressures of demonstrating sustainability domestically and internationally are the growing requirements for farmers to demonstrate ‘natural capital’ of the farm to financial institutions and the general community. For example, in the banking sector NAB has instigated a ‘Natural Value Strategy’ where they are now integrating natural capital considerations into day-to-day decision making and risk assessment processes. Despite these new financial strategies, there is no agreed process in Australia for farmers to measure and monitor the condition of their natural capital on the farm.

There is an opportunity for the farmer development and trialing of a pilot ‘Sustainable Agriculture Recognition System’ in Tasmania as an Industry-lead farmer-driven collaborative research project. This project could develop and test sustainable agriculture recognition systems for Tasmania that will align with international obligations, and potentially release many of the constraints of red and green tape. Such a farm-based system would have the capacity to demonstrate the delivery of sustainable agriculture to domestic and international audiences including the condition, maintenance and enhancement of the farm’s natural capital, (for financial institutions) and report collectively on the public good environmental outcomes delivered from Tasmanian farmers. This could also assist Tasmania with access to sustainable agriculture markets, domestically and internationally.

Questions to members:

1. Would you like to see the TFGA involved in this type of project?

2. If yes, would be you be interested in potentially being involved?

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