The National Union of Students condemns the Turnbull government’s decision to cap funding for universities. This decision, which will result in $2.1 billion in cuts to the higher education sector, will lead to a dramatic worsening in the quality of education for Australian university students.

This decision has been coupled with the announcement that the Government will also demand students begin repaying their HECS debt once earning $45,000 a year, reducing the existing threshold by $10,000. This shift will further deter poorer students from attending university, and make the prospect of student debt even harder to bear.

‘This is another disgraceful example of how determined the Liberals are to defund higher education,’ said 2017 NUS Education Officer Anneke Demanuele. ‘Capping funding will lead to a lower quality of education from which all students will suffer. Lowering the HECS threshold will push poorer students away from university. It’s telling that the Government has sought to circumvent the Senate. These changes are unpopular and students will campaign to ensure they never take place.’

‘Students are ready to fight back against these appalling cuts. No Liberal attack has gone unchallenged since Tony Abbott took office and Birmingham’s attempts to gut our education by circumventing the Senate will be no different. The National Union of Students has called it’s first National Day of Action in 2018 for March 21st, and we’ll be out on the streets at every opportunity to defend and fight for higher education in Australia,’ said Con Karavias, incoming NUS Education Officer.
Sophie Johnston National President | National Union of Students