Premier Will Hodgman must lift his game if Tasmania is to be considered a serious contender to have its own team in the AFL.

“AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan raised the stakes again today when he said Tasmania deserves its own team but that it could be a long way off,” Mr Green said.

“Tasmania should not be taking no for an answer. One thing is for sure – we will never have our own team if we don’t start working towards it now.

“Key football and media stakeholders are eager to join the roundtable discussion initiated by Labor but they want the Premier involved.

“It is very disappointing that Will Hodgman has not even responded to the invitation to join the discussion.

“The roundtable could be a watershed for an irresistible campaign for a Tasmanian team in the AFL.

“Mr Hodgman is now on board with Labor’s initiative to establish an AFL Academy in Tasmania and now he needs to join the roundtable discussion.

“We should be thinking more seriously than ever before about how we develop our local talent and building on the infrastructure we already have in place.

“A united effort is the key to pushing Tasmania’s case and Premier Will Hodgman needs to be part of it.”
Bryan Green MP Labor Leader