Labor Leader Bryan Green is urging the Liberal Government to ensure UK business Trimline uses local workers on the remainder of the Spirit of Tasmania project.

There’s been a very negative reaction to news that 145 workers have been flown in to work on the refurbishment.

“It’s time for the Government to start answering questions,” Mr Green said.

“What proportion of the $31.5 million spend will stay in Tasmania?

“Tasmanians had an expectation that this project was going to be completed by local workers and contractors.

“To see such a large chunk on the spend go overseas is unacceptable.

“We’re talking about Tasmanian taxpayers’ money and it should stay in the local economy.

“I understand the project is well progressed but Trimline has an opportunity to finish the refurbishment of Spirit of Tasmania II with local crews.

“Outsourcing this type of work to foreign crews sends the wrong message at a time Tasmania is preparing to bid for lucrative defence contracts.

“I strongly believe we have the skills and expertise in Tasmania to complete this work.

“The Liberal Government has let local manufacturers down badly but has an opportunity to correct its wrongs by using Tasmania labour for the remainder of the project.”
Bryan Green MP Labor Leader