“Our one-eyed media have a problem – they can see rainbows, but not flowers!” FamilyVoice Australia research officer Ros Phillips said today.

“Canberra Airport, lit up with the colours of the spectrum, was beamed across the nation to promote same-sex marriage yesterday. But the display of thousands of flowers on Capital Hill, thanking the PM for standing firm for marriage’s time-honoured complementary meaning, was effectively invisible.

“Where is the fair and balanced reporting Australians expect and deserve? Why are TV stations airing ‘marriage equality’ ads, but refusing to show a gentle advertisement asking viewers to reconsider? ”

Ros Phillips said Sexton research reported in today’s Australian confirms that the mainstream media are out of step with public sentiment on this issue.

“The so-called ‘marriage equality’ campaign has featured on front pages and prime time TV for many months. You would expect most people would say it was a high priority issue,” she said. “But no – the Sexton survey found that it rated 13th, way below employment, the economy, the environment, education and health. This was so for those who strongly support same-sex marriage. Those who oppose it rated the issue slightly higher.”

The Sexton research showed that support for same-sex marriage has fallen from the 72% of last year’s Crosby/Textor poll to 59% today.

“If Australians were allowed to know both sides of the debate, I would expect that figure to fall further,” Ros Phillips said. “I urge federal Coalition MPs to bear the Sexton research strongly in mind as they meet this afternoon to discuss the issue.”
Mrs Roslyn Phillips, BSc DipEd National Research Officer FamilyVoice Australia: a Christian voice for family, faith and freedom