More than 70 TasWater employees have been recognised today for their participation in training to upgrade their workplace qualifications.

Seventy eight employees have undertaken training over the past year which embraces a range of occupations including field based staff, trades people, product quality scientists and office based administrators.

The training has led to certificates in water operations and frontline management and diplomas of business administration and accounting.

According to TasWater CEO, Michael Brewster, TasWater’s workforce is highly skilled in a range of disciplines but ongoing training is essential to maintain the levels of service and management needed to meet community expectations and comply with the strict environmental and health regulations governing the industry.

“TasWater is one of the state’s largest workforces,” Mr Brewster said. “With a committed infrastructure spend of more than $300 million over the next three years, we need to invest in developing a workforce which has the ability to adapt to new technologies, systems and processes.

Mr Brewster said “TasWater is working hard to upgrade or build new water and sewerage systems and well trained staff are essential to ensure it can be operated and maintained to meet its full potential.”

“We have an enormous task ahead in making a tangible difference to communities throughout the state, and the funding which Skills Tasmania has contributed will help ensure that we can meet our improvement goals.”

Skills Tasmania, which has been an important contributor of funding for training at TasWater in recent years, was at the graduation event to outline details of a further funding pool of around $350,000 to assist TasWater in meeting its training needs in safety, water operations, IT literacy and project management.

According to Skills Tasmania, the maintenance of vocational skills has become more important as technologies evolve. Ensuring quality training and a workforce of a high practical standard relies on strong relationships between industry and Skills Tasmania.

The celebration of this training directly reflects a partnered approach to aligning standards with real industry needs.

Today’s graduation ceremony was held at TasWater’s Moonah offices.
Simon Pilkington, TasWater