The Liberal Government is collaborating in the medicinal cannabis clinical trials which are ongoing now in NSW.

We are the first Tasmanian Government to support and seek involvement in medicinal cannabis trials. The Premier raised this issue at COAG in October and we announced our involvement in the trial more than six months ago.

The Clinical Trials which are being led by the NSW Government with cooperation from Tasmania and other states will include a trial of products to treat children with severe drug resistant epilepsy. That trial is being developed right now and for Lara Giddings to suggest that the Tasmanian Government could somehow ‘speed up’ this process is ridiculous and a complete misrepresentation of how proper clinical trials work.

Ms Giddings is the last person who should be talking about appalling inaction on this matter. She did absolutely nothing to progress this issue while she was Health Minister or Premier and to only develop this interest after losing power rings very hollow indeed.
Michael Ferguson, Minister for Health