To achieve lasting change we must rewrite the attitudes and behaviours that lead to family violence and everyone has a role to play in this.

This week, the Tasmanian Government has led the way by committing $25.57 million to implement Tasmania’s first Family Violence Action Plan.

The Safe Homes, Safe Families: Tasmania’s Family Violence Action Plan 2015-2020 paves the way to a Tasmania where families are safe.

However, we recognise that the Government cannot prevent family violence on its own.

Tasmanians must join us in taking a stand against this utterly unacceptable social ill and our community leaders and role models have a very important role in this.

Today, the North Melbourne Football Club has taken the lead. To have a role model such as the Kangaroos Chairman James Brayshaw and the club’s players taking a stand is tremendous.

Men have a crucial role to play in speaking out against family violence and providing positive models for young men and boys, because the statistics tell us the vast majority of violent behaviour is committed by men against women.

All men can play their part as fathers, brothers and friends by speaking out against family violence and setting a good example.

I sincerely thank the North Melbourne Football Club for joining us in taking a stand against family violence.

Through the Action Plan we will bring family violence from behind closed doors and make an unprecedented investment in prevention and early intervention, as well as holding perpetrators to account.

The $25.57 million we are committing over the next four years is in addition to the $16 million direct and $24 million indirect already spent annually on family violence, and the additional funding committed in the 2015-16 State Budget.
Will Hodgman, Premier