Police Minister Rene Hidding is failing to live up to the expectations the Liberals raised in the community over fighting crime.

“We all want Tasmania to remain one of the safest places to live and work but that is rapidly deteriorated on Mr Hiddings watch,” Mr Llewellyn said.

“Despite the promises made by Mr Hidding before the election, statistics clearly show crime is increasing.

“The fact that burglaries and property crime, particularly in Northern Tasmania, are out of control is extremely worrying.

“Mr Hidding seems to have forgotten that he is actually the Minister and is calling for more police officers on the beat.

“But more police is not the only answer. The Government needs to be more proactive in stopping crime before it’s even committed. That means tackling the ice epidemic with more treatment options and recognising that cutting welfare and youth diversion programs like U-Turn has an impact.

“The Liberals themselves are guilty of ignoring many of the underlying issues confronting people who turn to opportunistic crime, and they need to realise that locking people up is not the only way.”
David Llewellyn MP Shadow Minister for Police and Emergency Management