Crouched in a cramped cage and holding a sign that reads “Factory Farming: Imprisonment for Animals” a heavily pregnant member of Animals Tasmania poses as a mother pig, urging Tasmanian residents to stop supporting the abuse of pigs and other animals. Her point? That pigs and other animals raised and killed for food suffer every day of their lives and are denied everything that’s natural and necessary for them.

“We’re asking people to stop supporting the abuse of non-human animals by going vegan. I will only be confined for an hour – but for mother pigs and other animals on factory farms, incarceration is their life”, says Animals Tasmania spokesperson Clare Knight. “With so many delicious cruelty-free options available, it’s easier than ever to enjoy great food without causing needless suffering.”

“Millions of animals are slaughtered for food in Australia every year. Mother pigs spend much of their lives confined to sheds and crowded stalls, they cannot feel the warmth and cosiness of a nest, or nurture their young. Animals on factory farms are mutilated in horrendous ways; baby pigs have their tails chopped off and teeth clipped, chicks have their delicate beaks sliced off, and cows have their horns hacked off – all without pain relief.” said Ms Knight.

“This action is part of a bigger event that implores people to include all non-human animals in their circle of moral concern each day. Every day we interact with other species from insects and birds to cats, dogs, cows and horses. What we choose to eat, what we wear, and how we entertain ourselves affects others. We encourage you to watch our Change-Your-View short film. This is bound to change the way you think about your food.” said Chris Simcox of Animals Tasmania.

There will also be a Little Animals Corner for the kids, and a chance to find out more about Animals Tasmania and to get involved in the revolution that is changing the way we treat other species.

Not the Same, but Equal.
Clare Knight, Chris Simcox