An exciting new partnership agreement struck between the Tasmanian Liberal Government and the University of Tasmania marks a dramatic shift in how we will work together to improve educational, social and economic opportunities for Tasmanians.

As a Government we firmly believe that education gives Tasmanians the very best chance of getting a job and living a fulfilling life, and also to unlocking the State’s full potential. The university of Tasmania shares this vision.

So in the 125th anniversary of the University of Tasmania we are uniting our efforts with the signing of a new strategic alliance – ‘Making the Future Partnership 2015-2025′.
Over the next decade we are committed to;

• Access and attainment: Improving educational outcomes in Tasmania by raising the number of Tasmanian students in higher education by 10,000;
• Economic impact: Growing the research and higher education sector in Tasmania by increasing the turnover of the University of Tasmania so that it reaches at least one billion dollars a year by 2025;
• Internationalisation: Increasing the flow of international students into the Tasmanian community and double their contribution to the economy to $400 million per annum within five years;
• A modern economy: Enhancing the contribution of research to the Tasmanian economy by cementing the university’s place as one of Australia’s top 10 universities in terms of attracting research income. Aligning higher education programs with Tasmania’s current and future workforce needs so that the university becomes a leader in workforce development and reform. Developing new industries with high value jobs and improve the capacity of Tasmanian businesses, institutions and enterprises to innovate; and
• Revitalised regions: Bring new capital investment worth more than $400 million into regional centres and increase the contribution of students to community life in our cities.

By the end of December this year joint five-year targets will have been established, to track the progress of achievement against these five objectives.

The State Government and University of Tasmania will commit a senior officer for three years, with responsibilities to deliver the key commitments of the partnership.

Progress under the partnership will be overseen by a group to be chaired by the Vice Chancellor and myself, which will include key Government Ministers and the Council of the University, and we will meet every six months.

An annual statement will be provided to the community and a major review will be conducted every third year.

This exciting new partnership marks a strong commitment by the State Government and the University of Tasmania to work together to deliver a brighter future for our state.
Will Hodgman, Premier