Shadow Education Minister Michelle O’Byrne said the Government must commit to fully implementing the recommendations of the Improved Support for Students with Disability Report.

A survey by the Tasmanian Disability Education Reform Lobby found that nine out of ten teachers believe the disability education system is inadequate.

“Teachers are sending a clear message to the Government that it needs to do much more to support students with a disability,” Ms O’Byrne said.

“The Liberal Government has made cuts right across education and it’s left teachers under enormous pressure.

“As a result, some of Tasmania’s most vulnerable students are being severely disadvantaged.

“The Minister has so far only committed to three recommendations stemming from the Improved Support for Students with Disability Report.

“I call on the Jeremy Rockliff to commit to implementing all the recommendations put forward by his Committee.

“The report itself warns the recommendations can’t be cherry-picked and must be introduced holistically.

The report says “The following recommendations have been developed as a package to be implemented comprehensively.”

“The Minister must listen to his own taskforce and respond accordingly,” Ms O’Byrne said.
Michelle O’Byrne MP Deputy Labor Leader Shadow Education Minister