A report into rising household power bills dispels the myth being peddled by Energy Minister Matthew Groom that electricity charges are going down.

“Mr Groom is still trying to tell Tasmanians that power prices are falling when the opposite is true,” Mr Green said.

“The fact is that Mr Groom has done nothing to lower household power bills despite all his promises.

“The report by the St Vincent de Paul Society released today is a further wake up call for Mr Groom.

“It is alarming that TasNetworks is pushing ahead with plans to review tariffs 41 and 42 despite Mr Groom’s supposed opposition to the move.

“If Matthew Groom is as concerned as he says he is about rising power costs he should immediately instruct TasNetworks to abandon its plans.

“Mr Groom says he opposes scrapping the tariffs but is still sitting on his hands, adding to peoples’ concerns that even bigger power bills are on the way.

“Mr Groom obviously senses a public backlash against the move but still hasn’t acted.

“Tasmanians who want their voice heard on the issue can visit the office of their local Labor MP to sign a petition opposing the removal of the tariffs.”
Bryan Green MP Labor Leader