Labor welcomes continued growth in the Tasmanian economy but today’s budget update proves how deceitful the Liberal Government has been.

“The ‘budget emergency’ Mr Gutwein manufactured in opposition never existed, and it is now clear the Government is benefiting from nearly twenty years of bold investment in Tasmania’s competitive economic advantages,” Mr Green said.

“Just as Labor predicted during the Budget, the Government deliberately underestimated revenue forecasts for its own political purposes.

“This budget update shows massive revenue increases from Canberra and the effects of the Hodgman’s Government’s deep cuts to community services.

“It’s little wonder waiting lists in our hospitals have blown out so dramatically under the Hodgman Government when you look at the level of unnecessary neglect.

“Despite GST and other revenues increasing by a staggering $180 million our schools and hospitals have never had it so bad.

“And this data is more evidence that the Liberals are growing a massive election war chest for 2018.

“Major capital projects budgeted for 2014-15 have once again delayed including the Midland Highway and important health infrastructure projects.

“The fact is that the Hodgman Government is benefiting from soaring GST revenues and years of strategic investment in our tourism, agriculture and aquaculture sectors.

“This revenue windfall should be invested in essential service delivery and job creating social infrastructure projects, not squirreled away for another round of reckless spending in 2018.”
Bryan Green MP Labor Leader