The highest support ever recorded in Australia -an extraordinary 83 per cent in Hobart’s Glebe – will today be announced as local residents unveil a large banner proclaiming ‘Glebe supports Marriage Equality’ and transform the Glebe Rose Garden into rainbow colours. Joining the campaign will be two local residents Kerry Herbison (51) and Sharyn Walters (64) whose marriage is currently unrecognised under Australian law.

Ms Herbison and Ms Walters said:

We have shared our lives for 21 years. To celebrate Kerry’s 50th birthday in December 2013 we flew to New York and publicly declared our love for another by getting married. It is heart breaking that whilst our marriage is recognised in the United States it is not in Australia, the country where we live and work. We call on the federal government to enact marriage equality legislation so that our marriage is recognised in Australian law.

Tasmanians United for Marriage Equality have previously door knocked Battery Point (72 per cent support) and Taroona (71 per cent support). The marriage equality campaigner who co-ordinated the door-to-door petition, Benedict Bartl, said,

Love is love and it is time for the federal government to heed the views of their local communities that regardless of sexual orientation all couples should be allowed to marry. We call on our federally elected members of parliament to do the right thing and pass marriage equality legislation.
Benedict Bartl, Andrew Badcock