Energy Minister Matthew Groom has done a spectacular backflip when it comes to the removal of Tariff 41.

Labor Leader Bryan Green said Mr Groom has gone from defending TasNetworks scrapping the discount tariff to saying he opposes its removal.

“This is a huge backflip from Matthew Groom,” Mr Green said.

“The Minister has obviously sensed public sentiment and is now at odds with TasNetworks.

“Labor has strongly opposed the removal of Tariff 41, knowing it could see power bills rise by as much as $1000 annually.

“We welcome Matthew Groom’s apparent change of heart but it’s hard not to be cynical.

“Has Mr Groom been pressured into changing his opinion by his cabinet colleagues?

“Will the Minister now demand TasNetworks shelve its plan to remove the tariff?

“Tasmanians who want to have their voice heard on the issue can visit the office of their local Labor MP to sign a petition opposing the removal of Tariff 41.”
Bryan Green MP Labor Leader