The Liberal Government needs to prove Tasmania’s energy users will still be protected against severe drought if part of the Tamar Valley Power Station is sold.

Labor Leader Bryan Green said the Government should release the modelling that backs the sale of the combined cycle gas turbine.

“The Tamar Valley Power Station is Tasmania’s insurance policy against severe drought,” Mr Green said.

“The Government needs to demonstrate that selling the gas turbine will not put us at risk of blackouts and brownouts.

“A severe drought would have dire consequences for Tasmania’s energy users.

“We need to make sure the sale won’t jeopardise our energy security into the future.

“It’s fine when water levels are at sustainable levels but you’re flirting with danger if you think drought won’t strike.

“The threat of blackouts and brownouts would sap confidence from businesses right across Tasmania.

“The Government should fully release the modelling that supports the sale of the combined cycle gas turbine.”
Bryan Green MP Labor Leader