The push for marriage equality will receive more support tonight as a partnership between Squerb, an innovator in social engagement, and Australian Marriage Equality will be launched in Sydney.

Squerb gives users the ability to say how they feel about content without having to rely just on a ‘like’ button, with the capacity to then display real time data visualisations for each topic.

Squerb CEO, Chris Biscoe, who travelled to Sydney from Boulder, Colorado for the event said Squerb was ready for the challenge and keen to support the marriage equality campaign as they see it as a matter of basic human rights.

“Squerb is all about opening up a diversity of views, breaking out of the ‘like’ button mentality and being able to give your own unique perspective,” Mr Biscoe said.

For James Northwood of Squerb in Australia, it is a logical step in the pursuit of highlighting the national dialogue around the topic.

Mr Northwood said “It’s only natural that we help the push for marriage equality by helping all Australian’s add their voice to the discussion by partnering with Australian Marriage Equality. It is a great opportunity to bring the support of the company to an issue that is very personal to me and many in the community.”

Squerb will collect the views of users from across Australia when it comes to marriage equality to inform and persuade Australia’s elected representatives.

Australian Marriage Equality Deputy National Director Ivan Hinton-Teoh said the partnership was designed to help leverage the support of the majority of Australians who support marriage equality.

“Look at any contemporary poll and you’ll see the majority of Australians are already in favour of marriage equality – but our politicians haven’t caught up,” Mr Hinton-Teoh said.

“With the help of Squerb, we hope to help encourage our Members of Parliament and Senators to vote in support of equality for all Australians.”

For more information go to Add Your Voice to Australian Marriage Equality:

Australian Marriage Equality deputy director, Ivan Hinton-Teoh