A new study by researchers at the University of Tel Aviv has found that women who have aborted a first trimester pregnancy are at greater risk of bleeding, premature birth, C-section and placenta retention in future pregnancies,” FamilyVoice Australia research officer Ros Phillips said today.

“But sadly, if a new bill by Sex Party MP Fiona Patten is passed, Victorian women seeking an abortion would not be able to receive leaflets containing this important information within 150 metres of an abortion clinic. Her Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Safe Access) Bill 2015 was introduced in the Victorian Legislative Council yesterday.

“Communicating health information about abortion would be illegal within a huge 150 metre radius of any facility providing abortions. The penalty for handing out this information would be an enormous fine of up to $75,835 or one year in prison.

“This is an outrageous ban on legitimate free speech!”

Ros Phillips said the Patten bill would also ban harassing, intimidating and obstructive behaviour. “This kind of behaviour is already illegal, as it should be,” she said.

“But banning communication that could potentially save lives or mental and physical health is in breach of sections 15 and 16 in Victoria’s Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities. This bill should be withdrawn or soundly defeated.”
Mrs Roslyn Phillips, BSc DipEd National Research Officer FamilyVoice Australia: a Christian voice for family, faith and freedom