The Minister for Health, Michael Ferguson, has given an insight into the blame game going on in the Liberal Party over the crisis in child protection.

During an unedifying contribution to the motion of no confidence in Jacquie Petrusma this afternoon, Mr Ferguson said someone else was to blame.

Mr Ferguson said someone had let the Minister down and Ms Petrusma would have been within her rights to lay the blame at someone else’s feet.

Shadow Minister for Human Services, Rebecca White, said the Government was not taking the crisis seriously.

“Who does Mr Ferguson have in mind to take the fall?”, Ms White said.

“It is patently clear that the witch hunt and blame game in the Liberal Government is well and truly under way.

“This makes an absolute farce of the Minister’s claims that she has taken responsibility for the crisis.

“It shows the Liberals have no concept of Ministerial Responsibility.

“Labor believes that Ms Petrusma has no one to blame but herself for the crisis in child protection that saw 151 cases of potential abuse and neglect ignored.

“That is why we have no confidence in the Minister.”
Rebecca White MP Shadow Minister for Human Services