Michael Mansell will propose setting aside 3 seats in the Tasmanian Parliament for Aboriginals and land taxes be set aside for 20 years for an Aboriginal fund, when he appears before the House of Assembly Committee on Community Development on Wednesday, 12th August at 10:30am.

The Tasmanian Parliamentary enquiry into constitutional recognition of Aboriginal people is led by MHA Guy Barnett. The hearing is at 4th Floor, Henty House, Civic Square building in Launceston. Michael will appear before the Committee at 10:30 am.

Mr Mansell will propose:
a) the makeup of parliaments should reflect the people they govern. There has never been an Aboriginal representative in the Tasmanian Parliament in the sense of being put there by their own people. Under the weight of numbers, it is impossible for Aborigines to elect one of their own, yet white Tasmanians easily elect their own, and expect to do so at every election. One direct way to provide for representative democracy in Tasmania is to amend section 22 of the Tasmanian constitution. A new subsection 3A could provide for a 6th electorate made up of Aboriginal people able to elect 3 members to the Parliament.Aborigines could either vote in the Aboriginal electorate or the general electorate, but not both.
b) An economic base could be established by following the NSW precedent of setting aside land taxes for Aboriginal people over a period of 20 years. Moneys generated would provide real opportunities to generate further income. As the moneys would be reinvested within Tasmania, the government would be effectively banking the money for a time until it is regenerated within the local economy.

Michael Mansell Secretary. Aboriginal Provisional Government