Confirmation in today’s Examiner* that Tasmanian Labor Senator Lisa Singh does not support special species harvesting in the TWWHA is extremely disappointing.

If Bryan Green is fair dinkum about supporting our policy of selective harvesting of special species in the TWWHA, he needs to convince his Federal party colleagues.

Bryan Green needs to be upfront with Tasmanians about whether he’ll go into bat for them or whether he remains wedded to the Greens as we saw last month when he spoke in support of a motion supporting the job-destroying Tasmanian Forestry Agreement.

The Hodgman Liberal Government thinks specialty timbers is an iconic industry of Tasmania and we want to make sure that we’re in a position to secure a sustainable resource into the future.

*Federal, state Labor split over logging, The Examiner, August 6 2015.
Joan Rylah, Liberal Member for Braddon