Advocates have dismissed a new TV ad about marriage equality as scaremongering and have released a short clip from their upcoming TV ad.

A group called “the Marriage Alliance” today announced a TV ad telling what it claims is “the full story” about reforming the Marriage Act, including what it says are negative implications for children, sex education, religious freedom, business regulation and morality.

Australian Marriage Equality deputy director, Ivan Hinton-Teoh, said,

“This kind of desperate, eleventh hour scaremongering has failed to stop the momentum for marriage equality in other countries and it will fail in Australia as well.”

“Most Australians understand the sky won’t fall in when we achieve marriage equality.”

“Today we launched a crowdfunding campaign for our own TV ad titled ‘Together, we can do this’.”

A clip from the AME ad and a link to its crowdfunding campaign can be found below.

Short clip from AME ad yet to air:

Link to crowdfund campaign:
Australian Marriage Equality deputy director, Ivan Hinton-Teoh