Tasmania’s peak tourism industry organisation has welcomed the Tasmanian Government’s new policy and guidelines for managing unsolicited proposals.

Tourism Industry Council Tasmania CERO Luke Martin, said the policy was much needed, would encourage ideas and proposals for investment to come forward, and ensure Tasmania remains competitive with other States for the investment dollar.

‘Essentially this policy establishes a clear process for government ministers and public servants, as well as developers and investors, who come forward with proposals involving government assets and activities,’ Mr Martin said.

‘Other States have adopted similar guidelines, and it’s been proven to increase investor confidence, protect intellectual property and facilitate private investment.

‘From a tourism perspective, we’ve seen this type of policy bring forward in other States major investments in hospitality and tourism activity.

‘It’s a common sense approach that encourages investors to come forward with new ideas and proposals.

‘If, for example, a developer saw an opportunity to redevelop an existing government office building in Hobart into a hotel, this policy provides a clear process for both the investor and the government to consider and progress such the idea.’
Luke Martin Chief Executive Officer Tourism Industry Council Tasmania