Around Australia today, people who appreciate the ABC are phoning their Coalition politicians.

“ABC Friends launched its ‘Phone your Coalition Politician Day’ in response to pending cuts to the ABC,” said Glenys Stradijot, ABC Friends National spokesperson.

The Government is set to cut ABC funding by a further $50 million per annum, on top of the $9 million annual cut announced in the May Budget.

“We’ve asked members and supporters to let their local Liberal or National member of parliament know how much they value the ABC. Callers are already expressing their deep disappointment that the Government has broken its pre-election promise not to cut the public broadcaster.

“The community simply doesn’t believe Minister Turnbull’s claim that cuts to the ABC are to achieve efficiency. The Government still hasn’t released the results of the ABC efficiency investigation undertaken when the Coalition was last in office. Leaks from that report revealed the public broadcaster was seriously underfunded.

“Inadequate funding of the ABC over many years is already resulting in a loss of breadth, depth and innovation in some areas. Audiences outside NSW are acutely aware of the loss of local programming that has resulted from the ABC’s increased centralisation in Sydney for so-called efficiency.

“A further $50 million annual cut would not be a small cut in the context of the ABC’s existing budget and the job the community expects its national broadcaster to do.

“The Phone a Coalition Politician campaign is for a day. However, the Government can be assured there will be more to come if its cuts to the ABC proceed.” said Glenys Stradijot.
Stradijot, ABC Friends National spokesperson