Debbie Kershaw and Geoff Fahey The Snatch v Bridgend County Borough Council

WE are currently involved in what could be a lengthy, costly and tedious argument with BCBC over the right to provide seats for the customers of our organic coffee shop in Maesteg indoor market.
The current restrictions imposed upon us by BCBC are costing us dearly on a daily basis and thereby causing our family unnecessary financial strain. The serious allegations made against us by BCBC in letter form, and in the Glamorgan Gazette are further damaging to both our reputation and our business.

The only people affected by the crucial and questionable decisions of BCBC regarding the ‘Regeneration’ of Maesteg and by association the fortune of Maesteg market and all other businesses in Maesteg are the traders and public of Maesteg.

We believe we are 100% justified in our actions, presumably BCBC feel the same.

To avoid a long and protracted case at the taxpayers’ expense we:


To engage in the oldest form of Democracy, in an


To be held as tradition demands in the Market Place.

We will poster key sites in the Borough, and alert both Local and National media to the possibility of such a forthcoming event. We will arrange publicity, the stage, lighting and public address system.

All BCBC have to do is inform us when it will be convenient for them to attend. We will keep you posted.

Main topics on the agenda:

1. An organic café in the indoor market, the public demand, BCBC’s refusal, the legality and the moral obligation.

2. Regeneration. What it takes to make it work.

Copies of this poster will be sent to HRH The Prince of Wales, BBC Wales, Chris Evans at BBC Radio 2, HTV, S4C, National and local newspapers, Vic Gilbert DCM, MM, Chairman of Maesteg SHOUT, Jim Fenwick, Chairman of the Executive Committee of SHOUT, Huw Irranca-Davies MP, Peter Black AM, Janice Gregory AM., and the editor of the Tasmanian Times who had been holidaying in Maesteg.