Distinguished theologian Rev Dr Gordon Preece will be speaking about secularism in Launceston next Sunday evening.

Gordon will be in Tasmania to launch a new program at City Baptist Church, Transcend. Transcend seeks to develop what is known as ‘public theology’, how the gospel informs major public issues.

For example, the next Transform evening, on 2nd May, will feature eco-theologian Mick Pope speaking on climate change. Each evening will include opportunity for Q&A.

Dr Preece is an Anglican minister who has lectured at Morling College and worked the Macquarie Christian Studies Institute both in Sydney, as more recently served as Director of the Centre for Applied Christian Ethics at Ridley College and Urban Seed both in Melbourne.

Now the Director of Ethos Centre for Christianity and Society. In Melbourne, Gordon supervises PhD theological students at Ridley, Whitley College and the University of Melbourne, lectures on ethical risk in finance at Macquarie University School of Applied Finance and is Ethicist for Christian Super as well as being an international leader in workplace theology.

He is a prolific writer, as author/editor of 11 books—most recently editing Bonhoeffer Down Under and is currently writing a book on money and possessions. He is chief editor of Zadok Perspectives.

On Sunday Gordon will in part build on the work of Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor towards a Christian understanding of secularism and how it influences public policy in Australia.

Transform will be held at City Baptist Church, 11 Frederick Street, Launceston (opposite Princes Square) starting at 6pm with a shared meal. Please bring food to share. Entry is free and open to all.