The Tasmania University Union (TUU) today welcomed the announcement by the Prime Minister
for proposed substantial changes to Section 18C Racial Discrimination Act and reform of the
Australian Human Rights Commission.
President of the TUU, Clark Cooley said “Freedom of speech should be a fundamental right of all
Australians, but under the current laws we’ve seen this right limited, and attacked. These
measures work towards the right balance between the protection of racial discrimination and the
right to free speech.”
“Freedom of speech has always been an important issue for students. Without reform to the Racial
Discrimination Act, we could see a repeat of the scandalous Queensland University of Technology
(QUT) concerned case where four students were persecuted through tribunals and courts for four
years at huge personal expense just to be found innocent, however with their personal reputations
forever tarnished. These four students could of have been University of Tasmania (UTAS)
students.” Mr. Cooley continued.
The Tasmania University Union (TUU) was founded in 1899 as the state-wide representative body
for all students of the University of Tasmania. The TUU seeks to advance the rights and protect the
interests of students by ensuring the their voices are heard by parliamentarians, policy makers,
university leadership and the wider community.